Bethel Baptist Church,  Sioux City

"The Word of God is the final authority from God to man. We receive the Word by faith, which is not from ourselves. The Word of God is without error and is the only true source of guidance man has to live by, therefore, man will give an account of his life according to what the Bible says. Since Jesus is referred to as the Word, it should take first and foremost place in our lives so we might be conformed to the image of Christ. Dependence on the scriptures is where the church must stand firm."
Service Times
Sunday School 9:00
Church Service 10:15


SundaySunday School9:00 AM
SundayWorship Service10:15 AM
Keith & Olivia Heppner - Rio Grand Bible Institute
Theological Seminary, Baja, CA
Vince & Gail Trujillo - Mexican Medical Ministries
Keith & Pam Zellmer - Send International
Sukho Thai Church, Thailand
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